Bonnie is a wonderful new friend I have made on RedBubble, she is superb artist and Photographer, I met Bonnie through my good friend Anthony her husband on RB, he is a great photographer of wildlife and also of flowers.  Through his photos which he has kindly shared with me I have been able to sketch a lot of wildlife which I have posted in my Gallery,  I also had the priviledge of sketching Bonnie and have added her sketch to my Portraits in the Gallery and have attached it to my page here.  Bonnie and Tony live many miles away in the US.

Bonnie and I are very much alike and share many interests and I am so happy to have found another wonderful friend across the “Big Pond”

I have written this poem especially for you Bonnie


Who is this beautiful lady with hair of golden curls?

Who is this lovely friend who like me is one of the girls?

Who is this online Bubbler so talented in art?

Who is it across the ocean from who I don’t feel apart?

Who is it that emails me messages so full of words so kind?

Who is this kindred spirit who is a gem of a find?

Why it is my dear new friend Bonnie


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3 responses to “Bonnie”

  1. Bonnie

    I love your site dear friend and thank you so much for your beautiful poem and portrait…It is so very special and treasured just as you are also so very much indeed and always will be! Thank you again and again, Your friend across the ‘big pond’!

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