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As Jodi has made this site possible then it is only right that I must add her at the top of the list in friends.

I met Jodi some years back when I decided to have an ancestral tree website, I bought the software from Darrin Lythgoe at TNG and he recommended Jodi to design my site and a great job  she has made of it, see her super design when you look at my Bennett and Essex Genealogy pages.  I recently asked her to add a gallery of my work there and she came up with the great idea of this website….MY VERY OWN…in my name.  Well what a fantastic site it has turned out to be………….

Thanks Jodi for your forbearance and patience!!


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  1. Jodi Sweere


    Just stopped by to see how this website is coming along. I see you’re busy adding content little by little…keep up the good work :)


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