Is it safe to cross the road!!

A poem I wrote for Ginger ROAD SAFETY Now did I look left or did I look right Oh dear I really must check for what is in sight Is there a truck or is there a car And are they near or are they afar I use my ears and listen for sound Before [...]



THE PANDA I peep through the bamboo, I am curious to see What lays beyond, will it frighten me? Am I safe to explore those places unknown? Dare I venture far and shall I go alone There are rolling green fields and trees so tall So many to climb, I am sure I won’t fall [...]

The Bond of Friendship

The Bond of Friendship The best treasure of all is the bond between friends No matter how difficult, it never ends Friends rely on each other for love and support And never forget to take time for a kind caring thought Always in each other’s minds each and every day Wondering how is our dear [...]